Finding Your Right Foundation

Finding the right foundation is very important! No girl wants to show up to a party or event with her arms and legs looking one color and her face looking a completely different shade. What girl hasn’t started wearing makeup and made this mistake? I know I have! Most people think the easiest way to find your right shade (if you are not one of those people who don’t get a makeup artist to help you- Guilty!) is by testing the color on your hand or wrist. Don’t do that! The closest shade you will get correct is with the neck. If you test with your hand or wrist you will get a different color because of how much your skin gets exposed to sun. Use your neck! Go to the store with a friend or when you go, find a mirror (Target always has one in the beauty isle). If you can open the foundation, dab a little on your finger and rub it into your neck behind the jaw. The reason I say behind the jaw is because that is where your darkest shade is when your hair covers it and the lightest when your hair is pulled back. Also while you test you can hide it with your hair if it is not the right shade. Try this idea the next time you have to find the right foundation. You’ll see what a difference this makes!

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