What Is Makeup? Beginners Guide?

Makeup to me is a mask of personality. But at the same time it is an art. What does your makeup say about you? What does it portray about your style? Everyone’s makeup styles are so different. You can’t expect that one person is going to have the same makeup look as someone else (unless your identical twins or in a play where the makeups the same). I was taught to never look at makeup as a cover. It is not used to hide something you don’t want the world to see. It is used to enhance the natural beauty every individual person has. And finding the right shade of concealer, the right shade of foundation (liquid or powder) are the first steps. If your just starting to do your own makeup start with a natural look, don’t go heavy on the eyes or lips or cheeks (start with learning how to apply foundation and concealer). With your first natural look, start with these two and add a little mascara to the mix. The more you become comfortable the more you can expand. After you learn the basics, start with eye liner and blush. With your eyeliner, begin with a pencil (see my post “Eyeliner Migration” for tips on transitioning with different eyeliners). Lastly, do the same with bronzer and blush. Start with blush and see how well that goes and work your way to using bronzer. However bronzer is not for everyone. After I learned about blush I decided to try bronzer and realized that was not the best decision for me and my skin tone. But it doesn’t hurt to try it. Remember with adding all these pieces to your makeup routine, it’s always good to make it look flawless and blend perfectly. No one wants to have a cake face! Keep in mind with each new product you add to your routine  means more time in the morning to get ready. And with more time comes commitment! Good luck expanding your makeup routines!

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