Grow Your Hair- In A Healthy Way!

There are so many things we do to our hair and somehow it puts up with us right? Mine didn’t… I bleached it, dyed it, I tried not to give it a regular haircut, and I struggled with my hair changing from oily to dry way too often. Within a year my hair had gone from being at my waist to being at my shoulders 😦 I’ve learned overtime easy ways to grow out my hair. One thing to keep in mind though….. it’s a process… DON’T EXPECT RESULTS RIGHT AWAY! (and honestly I have that problem). Start with not washing your hair every single day. You want to start by washing it every other day or every two days. This way your hair will not overproduce oil. If you put your hair up a lot, try not to put it up too tightly, that creates tension in the root of the hair and can cause it to break. Do a scalp massage (check out my previous Scalp massage posts for more about this). Eat foods with a generous amount of vitamin c, the vitamin c will help with strengthening the hair when it is in the collagen stage and help it stay healthy. Lastly drink plenty of water! This is a must and very important. Water is the body’s natural source to get rid of bad toxins and you will be surprised by how many toxins take a toll on your hair! So make sure you drink plenty of water! Don’t rely too heavily on keratin supplements. They may work for you but some have a reverse effect and can cause your hair to fall out, so be careful if you decide to take this route! For me natural remedies that help the hair have worked the best! So give them a try and let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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