Too Much Heat!

Every woman has this dilemma. Some days you want your hair to be straight. Other days you want it to be curly or wavy. And what other way to do that than by using heat right? I am one individual who is guilty of having used heat on my hair way to much. On top of that I was constantly dying my hair ( I know bad combo). And even though I used a heat protectant on my hair every time, it didn’t stop the damage. If you are like me and have used this combo or if you just use heat products on a daily basis, I strongly encourage you to buy a hair mask/ leave in hair conditioner treatment. This has helped my hair so much! Depending on if your hair is dry (go for a moisturizing mask) or if your hair is oily (go for one that takes away excess oil), or if your color doesn’t stay in long enough (go for a color treatment mask). If you feel like you are a combination of any of these three or you honestly have no idea, consult your hairdresser. But be careful because they might try to get you to purchase or get you to pay for another service. When you do use a mask, you want to make sure to leave in it for a certain amount of time. If you have really bad damage, start out by doing the treatment once a week. The more improvement you see the more time can pass between treatments. I say once a week because you don’t want your hair to get used to the product and start counteracting it. When you use the product leave it in for 10-15 minutes adding some heat to it. This will allow it to go into the hair farther and do its job. If you don’t want to sit there holding a blow dryer to your head for that long (my arms would get tired) leave it in with no heat added for a longer period, about 30-45 minutes. Protect your hair! While heat tools can make it look beautiful, they are not kind to your hair!

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