Stress Relief With a Scalp Massage

We all get stressed out from time to time. Whether it’s because we have school or work or issues revolving our personal lives. Stress can determine your hair’s natural growth pattern as well as other parts of your body. The other day I had someone ask me why their hair is falling out? I simply asked her if she was stressed…. She said yes. One way to combat this from happening is a scalp massage. Usually people will say they don’t have the time to do that. But you do! First and foremost…. Don’t expect results immediately! Take time everyday to do this simple task. The times I find I have a moment is in the shower before or after I shampoo or laying down before I go to sleep. (I even sometimes do this for my sister when she comes home after finals). We tend to hold a lot of tension in the back of the neck and our scalps without realizing it. By slowly kneading your fingers against your scalp, you release that tension and stress. If you don’t know exactly how this is effective ask your hairdresser for tips. I know the salon is a place to get your hair done and relax but when you go to the bowl for that shampoo, pay attention to how your stylist massages your head. And ask them for tips and what they did. It’ll give you ideas to do at home. Keep in mind your arms will get tired standing up. So sit down and do it while you watch a little tv or do it a few minutes before you go to bed! Your fingertips also naturally have oils. Those oils are best for your hair! When you massage your scalp without shampoo you are distributing those oils to the roots of the hair  & increase blood flow to the scalp which helps with hair growth. But only try to do a scalp massage two-three times a week. This way your hair won’t overproduce oil, you can relieve your stress, and eventually your hair will return to it’s natural growth!

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