Back To School Part 2: Supplies

Every year everyone gets excited fro back to school, myself included. But what is interesting to me is that each one of us gets excited for the most basic part about back to school shopping, SUPPLIES! Whether you’re a teacher or a student of any grade, it still can be a lot of fun! Let me just break down the necessities!

While I think that laptops have now become important with assignments for school, you don’t have to go with this step. Bringing my laptop with me to school has just become part of my daily routine. I like having it close by but not everyone has this option. So skip it!

Using a decent sized binder is essential for every high school & college student. It helps keep you organized. For me, I use a binder with 8 tabs (1 for my syllabi, 3 for each classes tests, 3 for each classes notes, & 1 for necessary but less important papers) as well as loose leaf paper.

I also maintain one 3-subject notebook for small notes as well as 2 1-subject notebooks for my more frequent note taking classes. Keeping your books assigned for the class at hand is essential for me so I can make notes of what my teachers say as well.

Planners are important to keep appointments as well as assignments in check. What are your favorite things to bring back to school with you? Let me know in the comments below!

Back To School Part 1: Trends

With school only a few weeks away for some and a month away for others, I thought I’d get a jump on what trends to look for coming up! With today being the first day of August, that means ladies, there is only a short amount of time to prepare. If you’re like me, you’ve started thinking about school as soon as August hits! You’ve had your summer fun and are ready to get back to seeing everyone you know! Let’s break this down:

In August: You want to stay with the easy flowing tops (could be tank tops or short sleeves), shorts and skirts, or maxi dresses, rompers, and sandals.

Back To School Trends #2

This is one of the outfits I would wear while it is still hot in August/September

September is a little bit of a weird month. You will probably start out the month with the same trends as August but as it progresses you will generate towards fall trends. Fall trends are more long sleeve shirts, cardigans, jeans, boots and more!

My stylized outfits for the Fall weather in September is of course jeans and sometimes maybe a short or long sleeve (depending on the days weather). But I do love my flannels and cardigans during this time too! These are some of my favorite kinds of outfits for Fall!


Innisfree REVIEW

I am the person who loves to find new products for my skin. For me it is always changing and for this post I wanted to do a review on a company called Innisfree.innisfree is a Korean based company that makes skin, makeup, and body products. But for this post I wanted to do a review on the skin products. So far I have tried four of their most popular products

Here are my inputs on these products-

The Green Tea Cleansing Foam (Top Left): I was not a fan of this one. It didn’t foam up very easily and over time my skin did not look like it had gotten rid of all the imperfections. After I washed it off, my skin didn’t feel smooth or clean but like it had been scrubbed raw. I was not a fan

The Juju Volcanic Clay Mask (Top Right): I loved the way my skin felt after this. Rejuvenated and everything! But the mask didn’t always harden enough. It also didn’t always clear out my pores completely and if I accidentally left it on longer than instructed, it would irritate my skin

The Super Volcanic Clay Mask (Bottom Left): This one was a favorite of mine! It cleared out all the dirt on my skin, hardened nicely, and left my skin so smooth! I liked both volcanic masks but I think I just needed one that would be able to clear out my skin better

The Green Tea Sleeping Pack (Bottom Right): I have never used a sleeping mask before but I loved this one! It was so light and dried just enough so that my face wasn’t sticking to my pillow when I went to sleep! And when I woke up my skin would feel so moisturized and ready for the day!

July Special

For those of us in the US today is a big day! It’s our Independence Day! This means everywhere you go will be surrounded by red, white, and blue! So I wanted to dedicate the first make up ideas in July to this day! Some do not think there are so many options to choose from but there are so many options out there! During this time Pinterest is your best friend! When I searched fro 4th of July makeup these are some I came across that you could give a shot:

You could also change things up and instead of doing one color on the lips, make it the focal point:

Try any of these ideas and you will be surprised by what people think. Most will probably tell you they “wish they had the guts to try it”. Try something new if you want to or stay with the classics of red lips and white or blue eye shadow! It’s completely your choice! Celebrate your 4th of July with some fun and how you want to!

You’re Must Have Nail Polish Brands

When it comes to nail polish, I can be a snob. I AM OBSESSED! I don’t know what it is or why but if you walked into my home, the basket of nail polish that I have is overwhelming and would probably be the first thing you would notice. Like my hair, my nail polish is one of the things I am the most indecisive about. I go through my colors like a mad women (sometimes I go with the seasons and sometimes I say screw it and do what I want). This past spring I was obsessed with pastel colors (“mint”, violet, “tangerine”, beige). But as summer comes around I want to move into more vibrant colors. Right now I am liking a very vibrant blue (and I’m diggin’ it). The thing about summer is my nail color choices change all the time. Some of the brands that I have really come to like are OPI, ESSIE, Sally Hansen (not the gel one but the regular one), and if you want to go for an expensive brand- Channel. All of these brands are at an affordable price and (with the exception of Chanel) can be found at many retailers. The ones that can be found at a local store should be no more than $10. If they are I say don’t get them because it’s not worth it. Chanel is a little more pricey but the last few I’ve owned have lasted me a few years before they dry up. Another huge factor for me is that none of these brands have chipped for me very easily (which annoys me every time). I want a nail polish that will last me a while before it chips and I have to change it up again.

If you have a job where it is not practical for you to wear daring colors, then I say the same rule applies for your lipstick- FIND A REASON TO GO OUT AND WEAR IT FOR FUN! Even if that means you wear it for one night and take it off before work the next morning, that nail polish still got some use and it was fun to wear!

The Go-To Hair for Summer

I don’t know about you guys but with summer hitting my side of the country pretty hard this year, I thought I’d mention some hairstyles that are perfect to do! Some are perfect for long hair and some vary between medium to short length hair.

Top Knots: These are great during this time because with any type of hair (long, thin, short, thick) you can keep it out of your face. And hey, maybe you’ll mix up the look a little. Maybe one day do a not planned (but definitely planned) messy bun. Or try going for a ballerina bun (link to some in my previous hair post). During summer though I like to keep a hair tie on hand at all times, just in case it gets too hot and you just want to throw it up while on the go.

Ponytails: These are the easiest to go to in the summertime. No matter what hair type you have, putting it up into a ponytail is always easy and quick. But at times I like to freshen it up. You can try by making a braided headband first (take two small sections of hair in the back of your neck and braid them. Bringing them up and around to pin behind the opposite ear). Or you can try taking a small section from the ponytail and wrapping it around the elastic, hiding it and pinning it to the slicked back hair not in the ponytail (twisting, braiding, or just taking a section of hair are all options with this one).

Braids: These are my favorites to do in summertime because there are SO MANY to try out. You can start out with the basics (three strand, french, fishtail). Or you can go more detailed with a dutch braid, dutch french braid (slightly different), a waterfall braid, four strand braid, figure eight braid, five strand braid, milkmaid braid. The list goes on and on! And with any of these braid options you can decide if you want to do a full one all the way down your back or if you are just feeling a half up, half down situation. The choice is yours.

As always if there were any that I didn’t mention but you know about, leave a comment below so that others can know about them too!


Pin It Up

Heat is not always everyone’s friend. Sometimes we can control it (um… hairdryers, straighteners, curling irons, etc). But others it will not budge. I don’t know about many of you but when it gets hot and muggy, my hair gets frizzy. And of course it is not the kind of frizzy that can be calmed down with a little magic hair product. No! It’s the kind that screams at me, “You have to put your hair up today!” If any of you have thin hair, a little bit of a hair product that has oil in it will help you. But if any of you have thick hair like me, it will not help. Any kind of hair product you had will weigh the hair down and eventually make it look like you wanted to be a part of the T-Birds. Whenever I have days like this, I turn to a lovely invention and tool known as the rubber band and if necessary I help that with some bobby pins. If you have shoulder length hair like me, bobby pins are your best friend. Also try investing in a  hair donut . I’ve found that these work amazingly and give you a fuller looking ballerina bun even if you have thin or thick hair! My only issue with this lovely invention is that when I want to switch up the ballerina bun and add in a braid, it can be tricky but still doable. If you choose you’re not feeling the bun thing, go for a ponytail. Ponytails are classic and can be used with any hair length or type. You can switch it up by hiding the elastic or putting a braid inside the ponytail. However, one of my favorite ways to deal with my hair on a hot day is to pin it up with a braid. I love these because there are so many different kinds to choose from! The length of hair you have determines the kind of braid you can accomplish on a hot day. Also bobby pins are one of my favorite things to use because not many of us have hair that is all one length and bobby pins work for that so that you can accomplish the look you want  and pin it back on such a hot day!